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CFR Global Executive Search® Group
TRESCON international durch CFR Global Executive Search Group
TRESCON Linz - Ihr Experte für Personalsuche und Personalberatung in Oberösterreich
TRESCON St. Pölten
TRESCON St. Pölten - kontaktieren Sie unsere Berater in Niederösterreich
TRESCON Salzburg
TRESCON Salzburg - Beratung auch für kommunale Projekte und Personalbesetzungen
[Translate to English:] TRESCON Bratislava
[Translate to English:] TRESCON Bratislava - innerhalb unserer TRESCON Group arbeiten Personalberater auf internationaler Ebene
TRESCON Ljubljana
TRESCON Ljubljana - gemeinsam sind wir stark - TRESCON Group goes Slovenia!
TRESCON Brno - auch in der Tschechei arbeiten TRESCON-Consultants auf höchstem Niveau! TRESCON - Personalberatung, Personalsuche - more than executive search
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[Translate to English:] TRESCON TestCenter
[Translate to English:] TRESCON TestCenter

TRESCON TestCenter AUSTRIA - innovative competence checks

Competence-focused personnel selection, development and coaching

Whether revealed through aptitude testing, potential analysis or a management competence check: the right employee competences are key to helping any company successfully meet the challenges of the future.

We are the first aptitude testing centre in Austria and offer tailored solutions for both companies and individuals. Our goal is to efficiently and accurately identify the most suitable employees and give people the opportunity to successfully position themselves in the market. To this end, we combine innovative competence tests​​​​​​​ with well established and carefully selected tools for standardised potential analysis and aptitude testing – tailored to your company and the role, hierarchy and/or industry in question.

TestCenter Karte Oesterreich​​​​​​​Without exception, TRESCON maintains a consistently high level of quality across Austria. Our competence analyses are always conducted by highly trained consultants. Most processes are IT based for increased efficiency and objectivity.

Benefit from our expertise for goal-oriented, and therefore successful, competence management – we adapt to your needs.