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[Translate to English:] TRESCON Weihnachten
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[Translate to English:] TRESCON TestCenter
CFR Global Executive Search® Group
TRESCON international durch CFR Global Executive Search Group
TRESCON Linz - Ihr Experte für Personalsuche und Personalberatung in Oberösterreich
TRESCON St. Pölten
TRESCON St. Pölten - kontaktieren Sie unsere Berater in Niederösterreich
TRESCON Salzburg
TRESCON Salzburg - Beratung auch für kommunale Projekte und Personalbesetzungen
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[Translate to English:] TRESCON Bratislava - innerhalb unserer TRESCON Group arbeiten Personalberater auf internationaler Ebene
TRESCON Ljubljana
TRESCON Ljubljana - gemeinsam sind wir stark - TRESCON Group goes Slovenia!
TRESCON Brno - auch in der Tschechei arbeiten TRESCON-Consultants auf höchstem Niveau! TRESCON - Personalberatung, Personalsuche - more than executive search
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Finding managers and specialists

It's all about knowing how and where to look

Managers and specialists have to suit the company and the position. The better the fit between your employees and the company culture, philosophy and strategy, the greater their contribution will be to your success.

To find qualified experts for vacancies within your own business, we use two strategies:

  • Standardised methodsthat we have successfully applied in recruitment for over 30 years.


In order to ensure that we can work together to find your future employees as effectively and efficiently as possible, recruitment is performed at TRESCON in multiple phases. The following diagram depicts these processes within a standardised timeline:

With a blend of classic recruitment and innovative methods such as recruitment on social media, through online networks and via other unconventional means, as well as through the use of cutting edge technology, we will find the most suitable expert for you.

Overview of the services we offer:

From agreeing the job description to the process of placing adverts and reaching decisions, we act as an extended arm of your company.

Full Service

You have variable and modular access to our services, which range from acquisition and selection through to conclusion. In the course of the process, you are therefore always free to decide which TRESCON services you wish to use.

Vario Service

You benefit from the recognition value of the TRESCON brand, whilst remaining anonymous yourself. We receive all incoming applications, check them for any non-disclosure notices and pass them on to you straight away. 

Mailbox Service


We also find high potential candidates for you on an international level: 

Since 1999, TRESCON has been a member of the CFR Global Executive Search Group, an HR consulting network with more than 60 offices in over 30 countries. Our international recruitment competence is underpinned by a large number of references.

We are your recruiter for special requirements! The more specific the range of requirements, the more difficult it is to identify suitable candidates. You can rely on us and our specially trained staff! With our discreet and empathetic approach, we will find the personnel you need. Don't believe us? Give it a try!