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Enhancing company performance

Making sure you stay competitive!

Globalisation, digitalisation, the disruption of markets and demographic transition are the key influencing factors that are causing enormous changes in the world of employment and job organisation. These rapid changes demand a flexible and innovative response from companies and their employees in order to remain competitive.

Performance is at the heart of what we do. TRESCON supports its customers in enhancing the performance of their staff, organisation and processes. We combine personnel development and organisational development to achieve corporate development.

We perform an incisive analysis of the company or situation and evaluate existing processes and structures in order to clarify the initial scenario, after which we collaborate with you on the vision, the objectives and the strategies of your company as required.

The following project packages can be tailored to suit individual requirements:

  • Supporting new visions and strategic work
  • Further developing company and management culture
  • Optimising the company organisation (organisation chart, design of processes and business processes)
  • Improving management competences (TRESCON competence analysis​​​​​​​)
  • Developing and implementing efficient and effective management tools
  • Optimising teams and boosting their performance
  • Designing innovative forms of work ("smart working")
  • Developing the potential of employees and managers (TRESCON TestCenter)
  • Professionalising HR work and the candidate journey