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CFR Global Executive Search® Group
TRESCON international durch CFR Global Executive Search Group
TRESCON Linz - Ihr Experte für Personalsuche und Personalberatung in Oberösterreich
TRESCON St. Pölten
TRESCON St. Pölten - kontaktieren Sie unsere Berater in Niederösterreich
TRESCON Salzburg
TRESCON Salzburg - Beratung auch für kommunale Projekte und Personalbesetzungen
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[Translate to English:] TRESCON Bratislava - innerhalb unserer TRESCON Group arbeiten Personalberater auf internationaler Ebene
TRESCON Ljubljana
TRESCON Ljubljana - gemeinsam sind wir stark - TRESCON Group goes Slovenia!
TRESCON Brno - auch in der Tschechei arbeiten TRESCON-Consultants auf höchstem Niveau! TRESCON - Personalberatung, Personalsuche - more than executive search
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Consulting owners, supervisory boards & boards of trustees

Top level board consulting

Supervisory boards and boards of trustees are increasingly developing into corporate bodies with a significant influence on company policy. The challenges of corporate governance make active advisory committees necessary, which have to act as strategic partners for the board of directors or owners. The TRESCON management board in Linz can offer you the following:

CONSULTATION – with TRESCON as your "sparring partner" 

Making the right appointments to the board of directors and the management board is crucial to the future success of any company. TRESCON is your "sparring partner" for topics relating to company and personnel strategy. By means of competence analysesrelating to the sector and the role in question, as well as personal interviews, we evaluate your company management. Our range of services also includes suitable compensation management and consultation in relation to core competences such as the "Fit & Proper" test in the banking sector.

The official certification of Dr. Bernhard Winkler to the Certified Supervisory Expert (CSE) as well as of Dr. Reinhold Klinger to the Certified Foundation Director (CFD) points out the competence and professionality TRESCON consults you in personnel, strategic and legal questions.  

APPOINTMENT – decisions that set the course for your company are a matter of the utmost confidentiality and demand maximum discretion, professionalism and objectivity

TRESCON compiles a range of requirements matched to your company and your sector, using its experience and expertise to support you in the strategic formation of your advisory committee

To ensure the success of your company handover – whether this takes place within your family or externally – we will work together with you to identify the specific candidates who demonstrate strong social and technical abilities and will continue to run your company successfully.

The TRESCON management board boasts a comprehensive national and international network. Our discretion, professionalism and interdisciplinary expertise guarantee the selection competence you need to make an ideal appointment.