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Local Authorities & Public Sector

Mastering the challenges of the future

Public administration in Austria continues to experience rapid growth. In order to ensure that local authorities and the public sector are also able to attract the right employees for the future, we provide you with support during the objective personnel selection process. Our expertise, combined with our knowledge of processes and of organisational and decision making channels in this environment, provide you with the decisive boost you need in addressing your personnel-related issues.

Our services

  • Flexible cornerstones of service (assistance in composing job advertisements through to support with panel interviews).
  • Execution of selected potential analyses and aptitude tests along with samples of work.
  • Written and oral reporting to the bodies involved in the decision making process.

Your benefits

  • Professional and objective support with personnel decisions.
  • Selection procedure tailored to your needs and the situation (Vario Service) with a structured and defined schedule.

In addition to personnel selection, TRESCON advises local authorities and quasi-public organisations throughout the course of change and development processes such as

  • Organisational and personnel development
  • Advice on administrative departmental cooperation and mergers

The success of these projects depends upon devising a customised route map, having knowledge of the processes involved and involving the public and important stakeholders. You can learn how our experienced consultants implement these processes and discover what actions need to be taken.