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Banking, Insurance & Service

Where are we headed?

Banks and insurance companies are among the largest investors and employers in Austria. In the face of increasing pressure on the free capital market, banks remain the most important mediator between the supply and demand of capital. In addition to their role of protecting the individual, insurance companies make a considerable contribution to the stability of the country and society. However, this harmony is disrupted by

  • increasingly complex offerings.
  • recurring turbulence on the capital offerings.
  • changing customer behaviour due to the constant availability of digital offerings.

Business models need to be scrutinised and new sales channels identified. While many companies and managers view this as a major risk factor, others appreciate the opportunities it presents.

Those who are able to identify employees with the right blend of professionalism, innovative spirit and expertise and acquire them now for their own company will have a significant head start in this increasingly competitive environment. At TRESCON, we operate as a service provider and our consultants make use of their experience in sales to search for these managers and specialists and identify them for you. Find customer testimonials from your sector.

In addition, our many years of experience in the banking sector, combined with the formidable depth of knowledge possessed by our team of consultants, make us the ideal partner for special issues such as the Fit & Proper test. We apply a sophisticated mix of integrity tests, personality audits and multimodal interviews to assess and evaluate your future committees and key employees, thereby delivering additional services beyond recruitment and the executive search.

We look forward to hearing from you!