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Active sourcing

...means finding, not searching.

Because of demographic changes and a shortage of managerial personnel, many companies find it difficult to fill vacant positions with qualified personnel . In recent times, successful recruitment has become so complex that companies are changing their way of thinking and adopting new routes in recruitment. This is where active sourcing comes to the fore.Active sourcing is more than a mere trend in recruitment – it's the way of the future! Active sourcing includes profile mining and using the TRESCON applicant database.

Many potentially suitable candidates are not actively searching for a new challenge – their interest may have to be aroused first. Once alerted to an exciting opportunity, a passive candidate can quickly become a promising interested party.

  • TRESCON profile mining

We research and identify potential candidates in business networks (social media), in online CV databases to which TRESCON subscribes, as well as in target group-specific platforms based on the latest internet resources, and approach them regarding your vacancy. 

The ongoing development of our sourcing staff and the deployment of the most advanced IT applications make us a qualitative pioneer for this service.