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Integrity check – professional results from personality testing

Key personnel under the microscope

People are the most important resource of a successful business. It is therefore all the more important that with (future) members of staff, not only technical qualifications, but also correct action and behaviour are valued.

Integrity is one of the most important requirements to ensure that the company will not suffer from compliance issues such as bribery, corruption or fraud. Integrity is an expression of self-determination, inner conviction, willingness to take responsibility and sustainable action. Both when selecting personnel from a pool of external applicants as well as in personnel development and filling managerial or compliance-relevant positions with internal resources, suitable tools help HR managers lay important foundations for the future.

What is counterproductive behaviour?

Actions which bring no benefit and are in fact potentially damaging for the organisation or individual members of its staff. 

Such behaviour encompasses a wide range of detrimental actions such as property crimes, absenteeism, physical and verbal aggression towards objects or individuals, ignoring safety regulations and much more.

We carry out extensive multimodal interviews with candidates, and in addition they complete personality tests (TRESCON TestCenter).

We issue a written report on the results, which we discuss with you in person. This turns integrity into a standard component of your organisational structure.