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Competence analyses and aptitude tests

Because the skills of your employees decide the success of your business

At the TRESCON TestCenter, we test individual competences and analyse potential. The goal is to find suitable candidates and select the best person for each vacancy. For this, we combine innovative tools (managementcube competence test) with sound aptitude diagnostic elements (special testing) and conventional selection methods (multimodal interviews). You receive clear statements on each individual's skills and how well suited they are to your company. 

TRESCON competence analysis tools:

  • managementcube competence test
  • Multimodal interviews
  • Special tests (personality, intelligence and/or performance tests) 
  • Assessment and panel interview elements
  • Samples of work 

The managementcube competence test is the most accurate HR test system on the market for recruitment and potential analysis. It tests all of the competences and skills of relevance to your company – personality, practical performance and application competence, knowledge and abilities, and also specialist skills – with regard to:

  • the hierarchical level of the vacancy (e.g. senior executive, manager, specialist, employee or trainee/junior)
  • the relevant functional level (more than 250 function groups)
  • your sector (industry, banking, healthcare, education, etc.)

By comparing individual competences (CURRENT PROFILE) with the competences needed for the vacancy (TARGET PROFILE), clear statements can be provided on candidates' strengths and potential for further development, as well as possible weaknesses and limitations, giving you the clarity needed to gauge how well the particular candidate would fit into your company. The managementcube competence test is offered in combination with a multimodal interview as standard, and can also be complemented upon request by elements of assessment and panel interviews, and/or samples of work (e.g. business cases, presentations and role play exercises). 

TRESCON competence analyses are always conducted by certified consultants. Most processes are IT based for increased efficiency and objectivity. Take advantage of our market expertise – tailored to your needs, wherever in Austria you are based!

TRESCON competence analysis – how it works for you:

Competence-focused selection, development and coaching in Linz, St. Pölten and Salzburg.

Testing at TRESCON Austria (Linz, St. Pölten, Salzburg)

Our certified test partners offer the TRESCON competence analysis.

Testing at the TestCenter in Austria – run by a certified test partner

Companies can also have the TRESCON competence analysis conducted on site.

Company licence – tailored to each position and your industry