Keynotes - TRESCON


Encouraging professional development and qualification

Based on the popular keynote concept, our competent and knowledgeable TRESCON experts offer presentations on exciting and innovative subjects for the following purposes:

  • To encourage the professional development of senior managers
  • As intervention in company projects
  • As part of a qualification programme
  • As an appetiser, to create interest in work that goes on within the company on certain subjects
  • For use at career fairs, technical conferences, and much more

We offer presentations and keynote speeches on the following topics of interest:

Candidate journey and candidate experience

Smart working - the Workplace of the future

Leadership and integrity


Social media recruitment

Employer branding

Smart working, smart leadership 

Jobfit coaching

Keynote speaker: Christina Ausserwöger, MA

Keynote speakers: Mag. Bertram Klinger, Dr. Bernhard Winkler 

Keynote speaker: Dr. Bernhard Winkler

Keynote speaker: Dr. Bernhard Winkler

Keynote speaker: Christina Ausserwöger, MA

Keynote speaker: Christina Ausserwöger, MA

Keynote speakers: Bertram Klinger, Magister Graduate, Dr Bernhard Winkler

Keynote speakers: Christina Ausserwöger, MAMag. Bertram Klinger,, Andrea Litzlfellner, BA

During an initial briefing, we are happy to clarify aims, organisational structure and other important points. Our pricing structure would depend on the scope of services you require from us and the nature of the overall process.

We look forward to hearing from you!