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Outplacement, newplacement & executive placement

Turning a crisis into an opportunity

Are you a senior manager or HR manager and have to terminate the employment of members of staff? Have you lost your job? Do you want or need professional reorientation? Are you taking a new job and want to be well prepared? We can help you along the way!

TRESCON supports people throughout their professional lives, through change and repositioning within a company. Whilst outplacement (we prefer the term "new placement") is requested by the previous employer for (long term) employees or senior managers, executive placement means the individual instructs us.

The involvement of TRESCON ensures that reorientation will be professional and precise, therefore significantly improving the chances of obtaining that much sought-after job in the future. Coaching is the methodological basis of our work in placement projects: a process-oriented consultation in which the client works with the TRESCON coach on their successful new placement. Coaching is supplemented by further methods such as aptitude tests and potential analysis, as well as technical consultation (TRESCON TestCenter).