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Successful integration of new managers and specialists

Finally, you've filled a key position in your company. However, as the search and selection process concludes, so begins a new process that is at least as important and sensitive: integrating the new employee into your company!

Particularly in the case of managers who have previously been active in a different company for a number of years, the risk of failure at the new company must not be underestimated. Established routines disappear, familiar colleagues are replaced by new faces and the reality of the new situation means that the reasons for making the change are put to the test. Questions, uncertainty and even anxiety can cast a shadow over this period of change.

Professional companies therefore leave nothing to chance, including when it comes to the integration of new managers and specialists.

Common issues during the induction period:

  • Lack of specifics in terms of tasks and expectations
  • Insufficient preparation of organisational necessities (e.g. workplace equipment)
  • Lack of targeted social integration of new employees – demotivation due to perceived disinterest or even rejection
  • Failure to adhere to agreements or promises
  • Lack of induction plans or failure to adhere to these
  • Lack of support for employees or lack of feedback from mentors and managers
  • Lack of targeted support and development plans

A thorough induction concept can provide a strategic competitive advantage on the job market – find out about suitable options for your company in a free, no-obligation personal consultation!