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Competence analysis and personal coaching for people making a switch

Because your success is important to us

Recognising and achieving your potential: TRESCON is an effective partner for your career development! What are your competences and where does your potential lie? Is your job a good fit for your skills? Are you looking to take your career in a new direction? Or are there areas for personal improvement you would like to tackle? With the TRESCON competence analysis, you receive an individual career profile examining your professional aptitudes, talents and potential in relation to all the skills of relevance to your company: personality, practical performance and application competence, knowledge and abilities, talents, aptitudes and specialist skills. To ensure we arrive at sound, qualified conclusions, there are three elements to this competence analysis:

The competence analysis can be conducted quickly and conveniently online. Upon request, we can combine this personal career assessment with a focused coaching programme tailored to your needs. 

Why do we want to make you successful? Because we can. Contact us!