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Coaching and (business) development

Project success through certified consultants and the perfect mix of methods

Coaching is a context-dependent learning and problem solving process which can be used to excellent effect in a variety of different fields. As TRESCON consultants, we are experts in all matters relating to personnel, management, development, careers and conflict resolution. We work with individuals as well as with groups and teams. Discretion is of the utmost importance. Outplacement/new placement and executive placement employ specific forms of coaching (TRESCON TestCenter).

Corporate development projects foster relationships within companies: the involvement of all employees leads to networking throughout the company, acceptance of those involved and increased motivation. Process orientation ensures development will be sustainable. We ensure that projects proceed as smoothly as possible through the following stages: clarification, analysis, concept, decision and information, implementation and evaluation.

The company-specific development of senior managers is particularly effective. In open management seminars only general principles can be passed on, whereas company-internal workshops offer additional benefits: all subject areas are linked to the principles and guidelines of the business to which they refer. Where available, company-specific management tools are used and/or enhanced, or developed from scratch where required.