Uptima Group: new CFR partner in the United States of America

Von Dr. Reinhold Klinger | 04.02.2016
Internationales Recruiting

Since last year, TRESCON has a new partner in the United States of America.

Uptima Group differentiates itself in the crowded executive search industry by combining the two seemingly unrelated disciplines of intelligence and executive search to form a new model that promises to deliver measurable results and maximum impact to our clients. Leading partners of this company are Rob Richer and Carl Denny, who is wellknown as a strong Consultant Partner of CFR for many years and who has a lot of experience in the Asian personnel market.

"Uptima's methodologies combine the proven "Tradecraft" techniques I have honed from recruiting individuals for intelligence purposes with the best practices of "Peoplecraft" recruiting executive-level positions on a global basis that Carl Denny brings from his experience in the corporate world," says, Mr. Richer.

"I was surprised at how similar the intelligence recruitment cycle mirrored the executive search recruitment approach and thought that a marriage combining the best of these worlds would yield something truly unique in the market. One of the most surprising things I learned was how important the human element is to recruiting spies and that it is not all high-tech like it is portrayed in the movies. Similarly, I believe that, despite the advent of lots of technology and resources like LinkedIn, that executive search is about relationships and the trust built with clients and candidates," stated Mr. Denny. "In the age of technology, what makes Uptima different is our belief that successful recruitment is, fundamentally, a person-to-person driven activity. While we embrace technology to augment our processes, real value is delivered through our ability to act as credible business partners to our clients."

Uptima Group in Washington, DSML in Chicago and Boston as well as PROVEN Solutions Inc. in San Diego, Los Angeles and Washington are well-known partners to TRESCON. Do not hesistate to contact Reinhold Klinger, TRESCON to get more information about our activities in the US personnel market.

Contact details:+43 732 73 83 41 linz(at)trescon.at 

Uptima Group

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