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Von Mag. Bertram Klinger | 09.03.2017

Case-Study TRESCON Slovenia & BSH/Bosch

Internationales Recruiting

To strengthen the management is one key service of the TRESCON-Group. 50 management leaders within BSH Nazarje – a part of the BOSCH-Group – and Europes market leader in household appliances have been trained by TRESCON Slovenia to help them finding the magic formular for the future!

Empowering leadership from top to bottom and up

BSH Nazarje is the leading production company of household appliances in BSH Europe and No 2 in the world. It is part of the Bosch Group of companies. How to manage such a company, what sort of leadership to develop  to respond and cocreate market trends for the future?

TRESCON in Slovenia has had a privilege to work for the BSH company for 5 years now. This gives us the chance to reflect the major enablers causing company success. Success does not just mean reaching production figures, ppm targets, sales figures but can be also traced in engagement when talking to line workers them being able to tell what the company and their own values and targets are. What is the magic formula?

Beside very selective recruitment process mainly focused on internal recruitment and succession planning and talent management it is the long term clear roadmap strategy BSH Academy in Munich set several years ago setting  clear compass. All personnel development systems and measures support one direction. Very competent Regional HR department lead by Ms Sonja Špoljarič has taken from there on and has developed and executed global strategy enriched by local specifics and local needs. Empowering leaders for agile leadership on all levels was the mission of Axialent top Consultancy group servicing BSH Group and very carefully selected for the regional BSH CEO Mr. Wolfram von Ohain and CTO Mr. Matija Petrin. That it is not just the “IT – The result” what counts, but equally important “the We – relationship” segment, the “I – me and my motivation” segment 25 of BSH top managers were trained in the last 2 years by the global Axialent Consultany company. All these 25 leaders have their -1 level subordiantes and these 50 leaders were trained with the same program in local language by TRESCON Senior Consultant Petra Treven Bernat. The same terminology, same learning insights, same dilemas… as their bosses by Axialent. Suddenly more than 70 leaders of the company speak the very same language (use the same words for expressing certain reactions, behaviors, goals, motivation, challenges…) and they are able to communicate in a very different way than before, empowering each other, sometimes even with humor as they all know where does this come from.

So the key message is to not just develop a top level leadership program but to bring it down to become part of middle and micro management /leadership of the company. Do it systematically on a long run. What BSH and Trescon realized that this common language and basic principles of the “victim – player”, “knower – learner”, “commitment – is a promise like a contract”, “talk what you really think, but mind the way you express it” are the key to success. But only if the company`s management and every leaders set goals on all three levels – the result, the relationship among the people and his own motivation.

TRESCON is proud to offer this highly demanding consultancy and training service in the Region and assist the global professionals!

Written by Petra Treven Bernat
TRESCON, Slovenia General Manager and Senior consultant

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

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