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5 Things New Hires Want During Onboarding


Finally, you have managed to fill an important position in the company . However, the end of a successful search and selection process also marks the start of a new process that is no less significant and delicate: the integration of the new employee into the workplace!

But surprisingly not everything told in the business-books really attracts - a survey of 14.000 global professionals via LinkedIn shows results which are unexpected, but globally consistent…

Surveys show that onboarding a new hire can make or break how they perceive the company and how productive they are in the future. So what are the key topics new hires expect in the first weeks? Most surprisingly, respondents of all ages, nationalities, and genders named the five exact same onboarding practices as most useful.  For example only 17% of all survey respondents named welcoming gifts as “very useful” to their onboarding process, but 72 % see 1-on 1 time with direct managers as key within the first weeks. This topic is closely followed by the expectation that performance goals are outlined very clearly (67%) – so let your new hires know what`s expected of them in the long-term. Additionally it is very important that new employees get an agenda for the first few weeks. 57% feel that this is a must. Also keep in mind that new employees got know the company during the application process but still do just know the company culture & values from an outside perspective. Not just only companies want to communicate those to it`s staff, but also 53% of new hires are highly interested in it! The fifth important topic (especially for women) with 52% is the need to get know all relevant people within the organization, Therefore set up individual meetings to introduce new coworkers!

Quelle: Linkedin Survey “5 Things new Hires Want During Onboarding”

A sophisticated induction concept can provide a strategic competitive advantage on the job market – find out about suitable options for your company in a free, no-obligation personal consultation! To read the complete survey and get more details about the key measurements click here

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